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Will Trump, merely, continue, to be, Trump, or try to reinvent/ re – package, himself? Wake up, America, before it’s too late!

It seems, to many, the Republican Party, is, currently, undergoing, an apparent – battle, for its soul, in terms of what, it seeks to represent, into the future! The rhetoric, to – date, from many of its present, public leaders, seems to discuss, more, about, enhancing their political influence/ power, etc, than, articulating a program/ plan, related to policy! There appears to be a divide, between, those, who have thrown – in, with former President Trump, and those, who want to go forward, in a different direction. The split, seems, to be, even, greater, between, the rank – and – file, than the politicians! We have seen, reports, of a divide, and potential, split, between the two approaches, etc! In addition, whether, one supports, or opposes, Donald Trump, most agree, he was different, in many ways, from his predecessors (although, some like that, and others, did not)! From, challenging the past election, to the process, to the integrity of the system, etc, as well as the vitriol/ rhetoric, he articulated, and apparent, enabling, of some of the haters, it didn’t seem normal! After, this political defeat/ loss, we must consider, whether Trump will be Trump, or try to reinvent, himself! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, this, and what, the ramifications, might be.

1. Watch, both, his words, and actions: Will the statements, public, and private, made, change, in tone, etc, or remain the same? To do so, it’s important to closely, examine/ watch, both, the words, and actions, and, in this individual’s case, whether, he continues to articulate false – claims, etc, as political fact – checkers, he did, in the past, approximately, 5 years!

2. Will he revert to vitriol, name – calling, blaming and complaining, and encouraging the haters, etc?: Many believe, although, Trump, may not have organized many of these misdeeds, his vitriol, and rhetoric, appear, to enable, and entitle, some of these people! For example, after the insurrection, at the Capitol, many of those, captured, claim, they believe, they were doing, what their President, asked them to do! Will we witness, the continuation of this, or a different tone? Can a leopard, change its spois?

3. Who/ how will he blame and complain?: Many politicians blame and complain about their political opponents, because, unfortunately, the politics, of hate, and anger, seems, to work! We must observe, if he exhibits, any change, in this behavior/ tendency?

4. Personal legal issues: Since, he’s no longer, President, he loses many of the apparent, legal protections, the holder of that office, possesses! There are a variety of legal cases, already, in – place, and, others, being considered, in a variety of states, and regions, and the State of New York, has, already, been granted the access to his tax returns (ordered by Supreme Court). Will he lash – out, claiming, he’s the victim, or, will he act, in a more, normal manner?

5. Will he maintain his political base/ core supporters?: It seems, his core supporters, are, the most loyal, we have witnessed, in recent memory! How will he balance/ align, his political aspirations/ interests, as opposed to, what some, consider, a different direction?

Will Trump, merely, continue, to be, Trump, or try to reinvent/ re – package, himself? Wake up, America, before it’s too late!

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