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Counter-Terrorism (Criminal and Terrorist Gun Tracking Concepts and Strategies Considered)

This article is my own creation and I have full copyright!

Well, you and I are not privy to the homeland security intelligence, but even when there is an investigation of what is going on in that regard with our federal government all of us taxpayers and voters seem to get is the runaround. The stories usually get deeper and more complex, with so much interwoven misdirection that eventually it becomes impossible to know much of anything. The worst part about all this is we are to trust our government, trust these investigations, and allow them to sweep all their dirty laundry back under the carpet.

Some would say that if you don’t trust the federal government, that you are a conspiracy theorist of some type, that you aren’t a good citizen, or that perhaps you should be on a watch list. To this I say; bull plucky because even our founding fathers warned us to not trust the government, not just the government they were forming, but any government anywhere on this planet which involved humans, which so far is all the governments that exist.

Am I saying that citizens should use the old CIA motif; “Trust No One” when it comes to our government? Well, what I am saying is that we’ve been getting the runaround on so many things that we’d be fools to trust anything that they say, or anything any politician says sitting up at a podium trying to explain what happened and why. Obviously, they don’t want to tip off the bad guys, but they inadvertently end up treating citizens as if we were the bad guys, just for asking.

Since the evildoers and bad guys already know what happened and because they have infiltrated our government, it turns out that the citizens are the only people who are still dark, and we must be kept there for a reason. Okay, just so you know I’m not speaking in tongues, or haven’t gone off my rocker, perhaps I should give you a real life example. Okay so, certainly.

The was an interesting piece in Government Executive Online News on September 20, 2012 titled; “Report clears attorney general, cites 14 others in Fast and Furious operation,” by Eric Katz. Okay, just by the titled you can understand the gist of the story right.

Now then, granted, the concept of gun-tracking makes sense, but if the authorities are incompetent, then remind me why they need my taxpayer’s money, or why we should trust them to protect the American People – and if the government cannot protect us, it simply isn’t needed at the Federal Level – seriously, think about it.

If the government wanted to use the weapons tracking to help find the drug dealers, perhaps, that is a strategy which could potentially work. However, if their technology wasn’t good enough, or if they didn’t know what they were doing, then they should have never attempted it. The other day, I was talking with a wildlife expert and they said they often tagged wild animals, and released them. She indicated that often these wild animals would fall off the radar, and their GPS tracking units wouldn’t work anymore.

If we can’t even get our technology to track animals, how are we supposed to track the bad guys who are often smarter than the good guys, and they have a lot more money at their disposal? It’s a rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer. I just hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

If you have any dissatisfaction with my content, you can tell me here and I will fix the problem, because I care about every reader and even more so about your opinion!

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