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Peace, Equity, Justice and the Rule of Law a Threat to USA’s Hegemonic Aims

Throughout its history from inception, hegemon USA has been perpetually at war on invented enemies by hot and/or other means — — first against Native Americans, then against other nations free from its control.

Countless trillions of dollars have been poured down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse in advancing its imperium — at the expense of peace, equity, justice, the rule of law and vital homeland needs.

Both wings of the US war party share blame.

Run by barbarian hardliners, their ruthlessness threatens everyone everywhere, undemocratic Dems worst of all.

They risk destruction of planet earth and all its life form in pursuit of their unattainable aims.

Will the new year be marked by arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — Death, Famine, (nuclear) War and, Conquest — along with demise of US unipolar dominance, the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and unparalleled economic crisis as the old order’s house of cards collapses?

In whatever way things unfold, year 2023 and what follows may be more transformational than other periods in modern memory, greater change than post-WW II.

Along with other issues, the US food supply is increasingly jeopardized by soaring inflation, disrupted supply chains, food warehouses set ablaze, closure of food processing plants, others experiencing mysterious mishaps, widespread food recalls and drought conditions reducing harvests.

Unrelated to all things Russia and Ukraine, what happened this year may worsen in 2023 by design as part of the Biden regime’s war on humanity at home and worldwide. 

The risk of nuclear war is greater than any time since the atom was split — where things have been heading because of hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s perpetual war on Russia.

On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“Hundreds of (military) personnel (operate) in Ukraine.”

They’ve been there for years.

“CIA officers occup(y) at least one floor in Ukraine’s Security Service.”

“Not only are (US) military specialists clearly involved in making visits to the Ukrainian (war) ministry, but, of course, in one way or another they offer direct consultative services, or maybe, even more than consultative services.”

On all things related to Russia, the empire of lies is running things in Ukraine.

And “everyone knows that (Ukraine’s political class is powerless and) unable to negotiate” without permission from its US master not forthcoming.

“Whether there are any politicians in their right mind left on the territories controlled by the Kiev regime is hard to tell, especially considering the widespread practice of suppressing any dissent and extrajudicial reprisals against them.”

Separately, Lavrov slammed the fake Biden for “saying that (Nazi-infested) Ukraine needs to secure a victory to prevent World War III.” 

And Russia has no “channel for dialogue” with the empire of lies.

When occurred earlier, it was a colossal waste of time.

And once again, Lavrov stressed that Russia “intends to make sure that (its SMO) goals are achieved.

They include the entire liberation of its four new regions from the scourge of “Nazification they faced for years.”

Separately by video link talks with China’s Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin stressed the following, saying:

“Amid unprecedented pressure and provocation by the West, we are standing up for our principled positions, defending not only our interests, but the interests of those who support a truly democratic world order and the right of nations to determine their fate.”

Xi stressed the importance of “strategic cooperation” between China and Russia as “global partners in the interest of our peoples and for the sake of stability in the entire world.”

In trying to preserve its declining hegemony, the empire of lies is waging hot war on Russia and on China by other means.

Last May, interventionist Blinken said the following:

“The scale and the scope of the challenge posed by the People’s Republic of China will test (hegemon USA’s aim for global dominance) like nothing we’ve seen before.”

On Dec. 16, he “launch(ed) the new Office of China Coordination, informally (called) China House.”

Its “goal” is all about waging war on China by other means, ignoring the risk of turning things hot.

In October last year, the CIA formed a China Mission Center.

Its establishment followed the US war department’s creation of a China Task Force in February last year.

Hegemon USA’s Indo/Pacific strategy involves advancing its regional footprint, including militarily in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong.

Aiming to marginalize, weaken, contain, and isolate both China and Russia is an agenda doomed to fail.

Last year, former US diplomat, Chas Freeman warned that the empire of lies “risks sleepwalking into a war with China it does not want and cannot now win.” 

If occurs, it’ll likely doom its Asia/Pacific agenda.

And it “would poison prospects for great power cooperation on planet-wide problems” beyond its current dismal state.

Breaching the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, what terminated US relations with Beijing’s breakaway province, the Trump and Biden regimes “ensure(d) that virtually no one on the China mainland believes a purely peaceful resolution is still feasible,” Freeman stressed.

It’s further proof why the empire of lies can never be trusted.

And its hostile to peace and rule of law agenda pushes its own decline.

Hegemon USA is at war on Russia?

Is China next on its target list?

Hopefully former CIA analyst, Larry Johnson is right, saying:

“(T)he era of (hegemon USA) invading other countries” and toppling their governments “is over.”

All things Russia and Ukraine revealed US weakness, its inability any longer “to control the international arena.”

US war on Russia by hot and other means failed.

Nor will anything similar against China fare better, especially because of Sino/Russia unity against the threat posed by the empire of lies.

Year 2022 was marked by Europe’s economic decline at a time of war in its heartland.

Does the same fate await hegemon USA in the new year, along with the defeat of its Ukraine project?

Of greatest concern is whether the empire of lies will set the world ablaze in the new year in pursuit of its geopolitical agenda — risking humanity’s survival by its rage for perpetual wars on invented enemies.

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